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Powerful, Effective & Easy to Understand.

Jesus sent PC Johnson on a 42-year formal Study of the Great Commission. The results are surprising, fascinating, life-changing, and give each reader a unique perspective on personal fulfillment. You will learn how to follow Jesus in an intimate relationship, how to own the Element of Victory, and how First Hour Prayer can bring God’s love into our society and change everything!

Learn how to bring our Lord’s Light into neighborhoods and Heal our Land!

The Study results reveal how to benefit from Encouragement Teams that come along side individuals and groups within a church body and help hearts of compassion to effectively fulfill the Great Commission. The results uncover reasons why the Christian church has had problems—and they show how to turn things around, so God’s love can spill out of the Churches and out of individual’s homes and out of families’ homes into society and bring the Peace of Jesus into communities.

Easier Than You Think

Please bear with us. We are continually working to make this learning experience joyful and interesting. The Study results are specifically segmented into Topics, so you can read the Healing Set Study book at your own pace while reflecting on our complementing information.

We are planning to, someday, add a short video to each Topic to make it even more interesting. Meanwhile, we hope you agree with the author’s statement near the end of the book that our Christian walk should be peaceful and exciting at the same time!

For most people, learning while focusing on each Topic as a member of a Team is easier and more fun. We suggest that you join or form an Encouragement Team with Christian friends or members of your church, and view our teaching as a learning adventure!

Both books will be available soon.

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