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Our Teaching Material is the published results of a Jesus-led 42-year formal Study: How to follow Jesus is the constant theme of both books.

We hope to have Our Store operational by the first week of November.

The Manual is a personal note from PC Johnson:
Enjoy his opinions on how your life can change into more of an exciting, fruitful adventure by following Jesus. It chronicles his story of an abrupt positive event that brought clarity and surprise when he entered Jesus’ true place of Rest—and the Holy Spirit opened the door for him to see the Kingdom of God!

The Study is our primary teaching material:
It shows exact details of how to follow Jesus in every area of your life. Learn your role in the Great Commission, how to reach your highest potential, how to own the Element of Victory and walk as the Light of the world!
Learn the reasons why the Christian church has been in decline and understand how to correct its problems. Learn how to walk inside the will of our Heavenly Father—become part of Jesus’ united Christian voice of love that reaches into neighborhoods with the Gospel and Heals our Land!

Encouragement Teams
You may enjoy reading and studying alone or with a friend or with a group. We urge all who might enjoy learning as part of a group to form an Encouragement Team and take our free online course on this website while sharing thoughts and moving forward together.
Your Team can be just three or four people, a dozen, or a whole church body.

A One-time Special Offer
We are excited about opening our Teaching Center and have discounted the price of the “Healing Set” as an incentive for all to be able to follow Jesus and become a valued partner in His soul-healing work.

Special Offer for each two-volume Healing Set (free shipping in Continental US and APO addresses)

1 Set……..$20.99

2 Sets…….$40.00
3 Sets…….$60.00
4 Sets…….$80.00
5 Sets…..$100.00
6 Sets…..$120.00
7 Sets…..$140.00
8 Sets…..$160.00
9 Sets…..$180.00
10 Sets.….$200.00
11 Sets…..$220.00
12 Sets…..$240.00
13 Sets…..$260.00
14 Sets…..$280.00
15 Sets…..$300.00
16 Sets…..$320.00
17 Sets…..$340.00
18 Sets…..$360.00
24 Sets…..$480.00
30 Sets…..$600.00
36 Sets…..$720.00
42 Sets.….$840.00
48 Sets…..$960.00
54 Sets…$1,080.00
60 Sets…$1,200.00
66 Sets…$1,320.00
72 Sets…$1,440.00
78 Sets…$1,560.00
84 Sets…$1,680.00
90 Sets…$1,800.00
96 Sets…$1,920.00
102 Sets…$2,040.00
108 Sets…$2,160.00
114 Sets…$2,280.00
120 Sets…$2,400.00

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