“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus’ Light Into Neighborhoods

Pilot Teams

Why Pilot Teams?

God rescued us by the Power of the Cross—His Son’s shed blood for all who believe in their heart that Jesus died in their place in atonement for their sins—thus they openly confess Him as their personal Savior and Lord. As well as the promise of eternal life in Christ with God in a new heaven on a new earth, His sacrifice freed us from the bondage of sin. We are now to embrace Jesus’ leadership and follow Him, as one. He will use us to rescue all the Father has given the Son. Jesus is assembling the largest and most powerful workforce this world has ever seen to carry out this rescue mission of love.
  Jesus led PC Johnson on a 40-year study, far and wide, to work alongside leaders and workers in many denominations and Christians evangelical organizations. It became obvious that forming and maintaining teams was by far the most effective way to change a church (or organization) into a vessel of love and kindness, which brings Jesus’ Light into neighborhoods—and grows by adding rescued souls (converts). We believe the best way to start, in each church or organization, is a time of prayer, then the formation of a Pilot Team that studies The Healing Set.

All Christians

Our number one priority is to follow Jesus. Almighty God has heard our pleas for Him to come and heal our land. We are well aware that our Lord is calling us to unite all Christians into Jesus’ workforce, an exciting place to serve our King and heal our land! Please lift this in prayer. How beautiful and comforting to surrender and trust Him.

Specific Objectives

Preparing to launch a church-wide or Christian organization-wide change can get mired in unwarranted details if specific objectives are not pronounced. The Healing Set was written to show a heart-based path to victory that has rarely, if ever in recent years, been taught. Hopefully, these points will jump out at you as life-changing revelations, and you will want every Christian to learn them.
  If you attend a church, pray about forming a Pilot Team of 12 to 1,200 within the body. Pray also about asking Christian friends and family, who currently don’t attend, to join you. Perhaps they can be connected to your group by email or in other ways. It’s time for all Christians to follow Jesus and tell a lost world of His soul-saving work on the Cross—and tell of His supernatural transforming love. As you simultaneously study each chapter in the two books, in conjunction with corresponding comments in the Manual-Commentary, please take notes of the important objectives you personally see, and discuss them with your group. Sharing your opinions and listening to others’ will bring smiles, insight, and agreement. When the Spirit of Jesus is invited to teach, how wonderful the result!

Will You Pray for the Field Manual Project?

Our Lord has led a steady flow of Christians to interact with the Matthew 28 Help Center, and with the Kindness of Many Christians mission center, over the years. The list includes many pastors, Christian editors, project leaders, church lay leaders, team leaders, and a lot of concerned Christians. Some of these people hold high positions in denominations and Christian organizations. Several have asked us to make a Field Manual, a condensed version of The Healing Set—an easy-to-use guide for all Christians, to include any culture, that can be translated into different languages and distributed worldwide.
  The Field Manual project is underway. Because of the comments we getting, we feel confident that as soon as associated translations are completed, we will have souls ready to promote the Manuals in 130 countries. Please consider praying for our editorial staff to have wisdom as they complete the task, and for the Lord to break down spiritual walls of resistance, so we can safely reach into the darkest corners of the world.