“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus’ Light Into Neighborhoods


A New Dawn In The Great Commission


The first book shows the stark contrast between a church that exhibits inward-focused love to one that “lives out” God’s Word with outward-focused love. This theme is carried and examined deeply from relational standpoints through this second book.

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The Man Sent

Peter Carver Johnson was created by God to be a Great Commission helper. He was chosen for this job before the Lord made the foundations of the earth. How to Fulfill the Great Commission is the first in a two volume set that our Heavenly Father called him to write. God fashioned the books as tools to be used in these last days.

It pleased the Lord to bring Pete into the world on the day that Israel celebrated its new birth in May of 1948. Pete’s occupation started thirty years later as he began a formal study of the Great Commission in 1978. Since then the Lord has led him through an exciting journey of love in natural evangelism, in Christ, on a directed, detailed examination and work of outreach. The books tell how an individual and a church body can reach their highest potential.

He has traveled far and wide, and as well as schooling, has worked with many churches and mission organizations in a lot of communities and unique situations. The Lord gave him an extra portion of love for people and a desire to help churches grow by natural evangelism.


Easy-to-understand yet comprehensive, this book explains how to fulfill the Great Commission in detail. It is an informative and effective tool for all believers. The biblically based principles put forth are energizing and unify the body, and help you see how to reach your highest potential.

This is the true story of a man who was sent by Jesus on a four-decade journey to learn His goals for, and functions of, a healthy community church; one that is stable, enjoyable, and ministers effectively in neighborhoods on a long-term basis. It will help you with your work, walk, and witness as you, an individual believer, fulfill the Great Commission as a member or leader of such a church.

The mystery: This book solves the mystery of why some churches grow by constantly adding new converts while others struggle to do so despite their best efforts. It also gives reasons why churches have inner conflict, reasons why churches split, and it shows many positive well-researched and proven principles that bring sustained joy and victory into your church.

It is a fascinating record of a unique, hands-on study—you will be pleasantly surprised. One of the central themes is John 15:5, “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.” Applying John 15:5 is absolutely essential for success in our Father’s work of natural evangelism in Christ.

You will see how to bring the light, love, and healing presence of Jesus into neighborhoods. Learn your role in the Great Commission, how to tell of the Power of the Cross, how to obtain the Element of Victory, how to make disciples, the value of First Hour prayer, and ways to unite Christians into one voice of love. It is easy to read and shows how life in the Great Commission can be an exciting adventure.

Warmth and love in families is uniquely highlighted and expanded with details about First Hour prayer. Learn that marriage can become an exciting adventure, how families can enjoy working together in the Great Commission, and how your role fits into God’s plan. Learn to walk in power and peace. The author also describes what one experiences when learning to hear God’s inspiring voice in order to accomplish His will. Start your amazing journey of love in the Great Commission.