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    About the Manual

    This Manual was formed from specific conclusions reached in the 42-year Jesus-led study concerning how to follow Jesus. If you just read one book in the Healing Set, or even if you plan on reading both, we recommend this one first. It is a complete guide to following Jesus, learning your role in the Great Commission, learning how to reach your highest potential, and has its own unique set of facts woven through the text.

    It is a book you can refer back to for years to come—and be blessed with assuring information on the attributes of a “healthy church,” how to form a little connected church in every home, how to unite all Christians into one voice of love in order to bring the Light of Jesus into neighborhoods—and Heal our Land!

    Early Review by Two Pastors

    This book is laid out in a unique manual-segment theme-building flow. You will see a pattern of introducing and explaining principles in the segments. Each of these Jesus’-ways to victory is then restated in sequence to reveal deeper characteristics of relevancy, righteous and powerful values, and interaction with other principles which have been misunderstood for centuries. A wonderful personal awareness begins to bring you into a real experience of following Jesus.

    Learn how to present the Truth of the Gospel from your heart. Be blessed by our heavenly Father’s mighty hand of love; tap the Lord’s vein of Holy Spirit power as you learn your role in the Great Commission. See how to own the Element of Victory, how to attain the most valuable thing a person can have on earth, the peace of Jesus—inside His spiritual Portal of Rest. As you read, you begin to understand a lighted path of following Jesus into unity with other Christians that leads to healing our land.

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