“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus’ Light Into Neighborhoods

The Healing Set


Prepare for Victory as you read these life-changing books.

You can buy Individual Books or the three-book Healing Set.

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The Man Sent

Peter Carver Johnson was created by God to be a Great Commission helper. He was chosen for this job before the Lord made the foundations of the earth. How to Fulfill the Great Commission is the first in a two volume set that our Heavenly Father called him to write. God fashioned the books as tools to be used in these last days.

It pleased the Lord to bring Pete into the world on the day that Israel celebrated its new birth in May of 1948. Pete’s occupation started thirty years later as he began a formal study of the Great Commission in 1978. Since then the Lord has led him through an exciting journey of love in natural evangelism, in Christ, on a directed, detailed examination and work of outreach. The books tell how an individual and a church body can reach their highest potential.

He has traveled far and wide, and as well as schooling, has worked with many churches and mission organizations in a lot of communities and unique situations. The Lord gave him an extra portion of love for people and a desire to help churches grow by natural evangelism.


If you choose to buy (the 3 Book set) The Healing Set

How to Fulfill the Great Commission

Learn your role in the Great Commission, how to reach your highest potential, how to own the Element of Victory, the value of First Hour Prayer, purity of worship, how to deeply follow Jesus as you love God, love people, and make disciples. See why many churches have lost their way—understand how to effectively make changes.

Read the true story, the result of a 40-year Jesus-led study. Gain an understanding of how to reach the lost with love so powerful it flows out of a church onto the streets. See how marriage can become an exciting adventure! Learn unique family cohesion through prayer.

This first book shows the stark contrast between a church that exhibits inward-focused love and one that “lives out” God’s Word with outward-focused love. Learn how to recognize and win spiritual battles, how to display God’s love, His righteousness, His kindness, and how to unite with others and bring Jesus’ Light into neighborhoods… and much more!

A New Dawn In The Great Commission

Jesus is forming a powerful workforce… a New Dawn of His Light is breaking on the horizon. Will you join us and learn how to flood neighborhoods with hearts that share our Savior’s peace and joy? Learn how to be directed by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit in a united Christian work of “helps” and testimonies that display our Father’s love, His righteousness, and His kindness.

P.C. Johnson’s teachings all stem from learning how to let Jesus nurture your heart. This becomes much more exciting and fruitful than Christians imagine—be prepared to learn how to think about biblical principles from your heart, in Christ.

First and foremost, your walk with Jesus comes into a new awareness, a longing to serve God through reciprocating love. Start to see joy and peace you never thought possible. Learn how your capacity to trust in Him grows from a desire you had previously thought unattainable. Walk-in Victory in your abundant life in Christ!

Bringing His Light Into Neighborhoods

This Manual-Commentary gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the details of each chapter in both books. It also unveils commonalities in problems that cause “hurtful church experiences,” many of which have plagued the Christian church for 2,000 years.

Serving the Lord can become an exciting adventure! See how Jesus offers the highest quality of life on earth. Learn the power of spiritual maturity in Christ—become His victorious vessel of love in the War for Souls. See why so many churches are losing the worldwide spiritual war, and how it is raging in Northern New England, the least churched area of the United States.

See a different type of church—Joyful, Fruit-bearing, Satisfying! Learn how to use your role to make your pastor’s job easier. Learn more ways to help the least in society. Become skilled at spiritual warfare while spreading the Gospel through united community churches. Bring His Light into neighborhoods and Heal our Land!