“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus’ Light Into Neighborhoods

Healing Our Land

Read The True Story

Our Lord sent Peter C far and wide in the United States and portions of Eastern Canada to learn how to fulfill The Great Commission. Emphasis was placed on Northern New England, the least-churched area of the United States. He was led into hundreds of interviews and hands-on experiences working with churches in many denominations long-term, working with several evangelical organizations, working regularly in street evangelism, and constantly working with home-church varied situations. The results of the 40-year study are surprising, candid, and recorded from his heart. The magnitude of this versatile journey is crystal clear and exposes good leadership, inept qualities, and the reasons for the dramatic decline in church attendance nationwide and worldwide. At the same time, it also maintains a focus on heart-based seeking of our Father’s heart’s desires, then learning how to “live out” Jesus-led victory!

Details of how and why “hurtful experiences” happen in churches are accompanied by sound Jesus-led Holy Spirit-empowered biblically based ways to turn things around. This short easy-to-read two-book, plus manual-commentary, account of how to achieve personal, family, and unified church in-Christ’s-workforce participation in winning the War for Souls, is a condensation of the man’s notes and decades of experiences, and is “life changing!”
  Learn to live deeply in the peace and presence of Jesus. If you are currently a weekly church-attending person, or even if you have given up on church, you can learn how to reach your highest potential to bring Jesus’ Light into neighborhoods, drive out darkness, and Heal Our Land!

Unthink Your Idea of Church


The Study results will teach you that Fellowship starts in your heart and mind the minute you wake, should you choose to connect to Jesus. Listen, learn, love, enjoy His peace and presence, and try not to break Fellowship—then go into First Hour Prayer and your day will be blessed. For an individual or a family, church will then be in your home. Let Jesus lead you to connect your home church with a larger Fellowship.

As the books unfold, you will learn the attributes of Healthy Churches that grow by adding converts. Learn the stark difference between inward-focused love and outward-focused love that reaches into a community with healing kindness and testimonies. See how your church can become filled with joyful Jesus-shared love, alive in the power of God’s hand—people won’t be able to stop talking about it!
  True Fellowship with God by trusting Him is the most rewarding, satisfying state of being there is. Even in human weakness, you can become the recipient of the mighty power of His hand. May you own the Element of Victory and receive the richest commodity a person can have on earth—the peace of Jesus in your heart.

A Thirst For More

Your Heart Being Tugged

Owning the Element of Victory will open a mindset of freedom and trust, and burgeon a constant yearning to please God—you will be given wisdom and the privilege to view a vein of His power you never thought possible. Once it’s yours, you will develop a passion to spend time with Jesus and gain a thirst for learning all you can by reading the Word. You will be blessed with surprising awe of a new Jesus-led Holy Spirit-empowered living journey of seeing Truth. Time can become a two-fold pleasant experience as you prepare each day’s Holy Spirit-led session—while sharing your thoughts with Jesus.

The Element of Victory will keep tugging at your Heart to seek the Father’s will and ways, and to seek the desires of His Heart. You will be shown a path of Light and shown how to please God with your new life and testimony. You become Father and child in love, and walk this earth in Christ. The Element will help you adopt Christ-like qualities. You are sanctified, glorifying His salvation, righteousness, praise-thanksgiving joy, and sacrificial works; glorifying the Lamb of God who loved you so much, He took your place (in atonement for your sins) and gave His life for you. Now you know His love!