“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matt 28:19

Bringing Jesus’ Light Into Neighborhoods

The Joys of


Uniquely Purposed Christian Workers

Following Jesus

We believe your life will be changed by reading the Healing Set. Peter C keeps saying he’s not a professional writer, and tells of the small army of Christian editors, retired pastors, active pastors, district superintendents, a college department head, and skilled writers who helped him. He is a Great Commission helper, trained by following Jesus into a unique understanding of John 15:4-5. Learn what he learned and we will unite into one voice of kindness and love.
   Jesus is assembling the largest most powerful workforce the world has ever seen. As more and more hearts are awakened and learn to follow Jesus, His Light will gradually bring society into a less hurtful more peaceful place, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city.
  Our handouts:

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