PC “Peter C” Johnson

Peter Carver Johnson was created by God to be a Great Commission helper. He was chosen for this job before the Lord made the foundations of the earth—called to follow Jesus on a 40-year formal study of the Great Commission, a work of learning God’s will in order to teach others. Jesus led him far and wide to serve with Christians in many denominations and evangelistic organizations—to engage and stimulate church growth by adding converts, to unite Christians into one voice of love, and to help Christians understand how to live in Christ and follow Him in a deeper spiritual walk. The Healing Set is a detailed account of the study and tells how an individual and a church body can reach their highest potential.

It pleased the Lord to bring Peter C into the world on the day that Israel celebrated its new birth in May of 1948. He had a life-long curiosity about God, was born again at 29, and began the formal study of the Great Commission in 1978. The Lord gave him an extra portion of love for people. Thus, he has a burning desire to lead people into a personal relationship with their Maker, he has a passion help churches grow by natural evangelism, and has a vision to establish a high and holy concept of Almighty God in society.

He has traveled far and wide, and as well as schooling, has worked with many churches and mission organizations in a lot of communities and unique situations. The Lord gave him an extra portion of love for people and a desire to help churches grow by natural evangelism.

God’s blessings! Our Lord brought Peter C and his wife Evelyn together in 1987. They have served as a joyful team ever since. The Kindness of Many Christians mission was based in their home for many years. You can read details of their unique honeymoon in the How To Fulfill The Great Commission book. There is much humor in the household as Pete points out his earthly inadequacies. He has a hope that he might meet you someday on your amazing journey.

Love, respect, peace, work, worship, how to blend families in a second marriage, First Hour Prayer (a church in your home), how to follow Jesus as a couple and bear fruit, joy in your household—some of the instances woven through the books.

Back in Rockland (Maine) at Pete’s class reunion.
Peter C and Evelyn with Pastor Herb White in Beverly (Massachusetts). Herb was guest preaching at the Church of the Nazarene. Herb is one of Pete’s favorite preachers. He married them in 1987.
Morning prayer.